Once Again, Banks Get Fat, Your Balance Gets Skinny.

The bailouts weren’t enough, decimating millions of families through greed and deceitful practices wasn’t enough.  THE BANKS WANT MORE!! More profit is the goal of every bank, and boy are they good at getting it.  If one revenue stream gets shut down by the government, the sneaky and ingenious bankers will find a way to open up a new loophole. This article points out just some of the ways that the banks are continuing to find new revenue streams, as there older schemes get shut down. “Banks, in an attempt to wring more revenue out of customer accounts, are conjuring up new ways to raise fees on basic products like debit cards, cash machines and checking accounts.” We wil continue to highlight the greed of the banks, and creditors for you, and look forward to you telling us your story as well....

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FICO Reveals Their Secrets? Yeah Right!

Fair Isaac & Co. the provider of the most widely used credit score, the FICO score, is trying once again to spin to the consumer why their secretive, often misleading and erroneous credit score model is the best thing since sliced bread. In a recent article on Yahoo, the CEO tries to give consumers some insight on what factors are included in their calculations and what actions can be taken to improve their score. “FICO creates the score simply by feeding numbers into its formula: “It’s based on pure, statistical evidence, with no judgment or evaluation or emotion.”” Is this really a benevolent gesture by a firm who keeps their secrets closer than the CIA?  Or is this just another way to appease the consumers who have been damaged by this flawed formula, and who have been getting more aggressive and more vocal in their complaints, while they protect themselves from further oversight by the government?  You be the judge! And of course let us know if you need help raising your credit score with credit...

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Part-time is here to stay.

Looking for a job as we know, has become increasingly difficult.  The numbers show however, that even those who have found jobs haven’t found exactly what they’re looking for. In fact, of those that have found work, it turns out that it is most likely part-time work. “Temp, part-time and contract work in almost every field is here to stay,…” Read more on how part-time work is the new black...

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How are you being rewarded?

We’ve all seen the hype, use our card and earn rewards to be used for travel, or even get cash back.  But the question is are they worth it? Well according to this article, the answer may be no. “Credit cards that give cash back prompt consumers to spend more and accrue more debt, according to researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.” Turns out that the biggest reward here is for the issuing banks and not the consumer.  Unfortunately, we seem to just rack up more debt, and giving the banks more profits....

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Thanks California for making my gas more expensive.

California is a great place don’t get me wrong, but, some of the craziness just irks me. Let’s take gas for example, because of the smog issues, California passed regulations requiring a “cleaner” type of gasoline, that although costs a little more to refine, allows the oil companies to boost their profit margins significantly. And the craziness doesn’t end at the California border, it’s now being adopted by more an more states in the west.  The end result we end up paying more per gallon throughout the west than anywhere else in the country, while the oil companies keep getting fatter and fatter wallets. Read more on how crazy California is costing you here: “The premium on gasoline on the West Coast was fueled by a series events starting with a smog problem in California and ending with a handful of companies creating a tight market for clean-burning gasoline.” THANKS...

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