Broke But Still Need To File Taxes? Get Free Help

It’s that time of the year again, tax time.  Do you do it yourself, or do you get some professional help preparing your taxes? If you’re broke, you would assume the answer would be a no-brainer, you have to do it yourself.  Fortunately, this year it looks like there are a variety of options for you including having a professional tax prepare do it for you for free. Here’s one resource with some tips on how to save an average of $250 this year. “As a result, according to an IRS study, the median income taxpayer shelled out $258 for tax prep in...

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The New Bread Line – Food Stamps

The images of the Great Depression are still ingrained in our minds.  The photos and accounts of tent cities, and lines around the corner of down on their luck Americans waiting for their rations of bread and soup.  And we all feel their pain. But what about today, we are still in the midst of muddling through a persisting economic downturn, with only a modicum of hope for recovery. So where are those bread lines today?  With the New Deal and other institutionalized forms of assistance, those bread lines have made their way into your local grocery store.  Technology and policy has now given us  Food Stamps to replace the old fashion bread line. And it turns out a lot of Americans are still on the bread line.  According to this article, which breaks down the percentage of the population by state, 14% of Americans depend on food stamps to feed their families – THAT’S NEARLY 43 MILLION...

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Facebooks New Privacy Settings, The Government Gets To See Everything

As if you didn’t know that using Facebook could be damaging in many ways including stalkers and employers, there is an even bigger threat looming…The Government. As detailed in this article from USA Today, the Government is reaching its dirty little hands into one more area of our lives, Facebook.  Asking Facebook to turn over access to users information in an unprecedented and alarming way.  If this doesn’t signal the outright desire of the Government to encroach and stomp out every one of our freedoms given by the Constitution, I don’t know what does. Understand, that each and every little encroachment by the Government into our lives leads to a very unpleasant outcome.  Remember, every journey starts with the first step, and in this case the journey includes prying into every aspect of your life.  Big Brother is truly watching....

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Do You Live In One Of The 5 Boom States?

It’s that old 80/20 Pareto principle again.  It looks like there is good news in some of the housing markets, but it’s very selective. The 5 states listed in this article according to the author and economists have a high likelihood of rebounding in the coming months from the housing melt-down.  Do you live in one of the “boom” states, if so let us know what you see on the ground. The problem, is that these states represent only 20% of the market, and in this case it doesn’t look like that’s going to be good enough to lift the rest of the country out of the current quagmire. “That means the better times in those states won’t do much to lift overall national housing numbers.”  ...

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Are You Ready For The Talk With Your Teen?

No, we’re not talking about that “Talk” but an equally important one that is just as difficult, the talk about financial responsibility. As parents we are responsible for teaching our kids about right and wrong, as well as giving guidance and inspiration on how to become a better person and productive citizen.  If we instill in our children the fundamentals of fiscal responsibility and how to prosper from a young age we can help save our children from myriad “hard knocks” that we may have learned from our own lives. In this article from the Wall Street Journal, you are given a great starting point on how to address this subject with your teen and set them on a path to a better future. “these five moves will help you and your teen bond — and help you build your finances in 2011.”...

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2001, 2011 What’s The Difference?

Turns out if you’re talking about the number of jobs, not much. This news is terrible, and gets even worse.  Although the number of jobs is the same, the number of people competing for those jobs is significantly greater. Turns out it really was a lost decade. “The number of jobs in the U.S. economy today is about the same as 10 years ago.” Read more of the economic data showing the impact of the lost decade...

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