One of the questions we are often asked is should I do my credit dispute by myself, or get some help?  There are many things to keep in mind when deciding what is the best answer for you.  Let’s walk through some of the things to consider before making your decision.

We have developed a 3-part framework for you to walk through in determining what is the best option for you and your personal circumstance.  The 3 parts are:

  1. Are you prepared to do a significant amount of legal research?
  2. Are you prepared to develop a set of strategies and a plan to effectively beat each of the three credit bureaus?
  3. Do you have the time, and the willpower to follow through and stay on top of your plan for as long as it takes to achieve your credit dispute
  4. goals?

1. Are you prepared to do a fairly substantial amount of legal research?  The process of doing a credit dispute is predicated on a number of Federal Laws passed by Congress giving you, the consumer, the right to do a credit dispute on any of the information contained within your credit report maintained by the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.  The primary laws include the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

As these laws were written by Congressional Legislators (the same people who write the IRS Laws) you can bet you’ll have to do a good bit of research to make sure you understand not only your rights, but all the hoops you’ll have to jump through and hurdles you’ll have to clear.  It is precisely these hoops and hurdles that can stop you dead in your tracks and turn a slam-dunk credit dispute into a blocked shot.

2. Once you understand what the laws say do you have a set of strategies and tactics to be able to have a high success rate with your credit dispute?  Think about it this way, if you are going to build a house, and this is your first time building a house, do you think it will go as easy as say, the contractor who has been building thousands of houses over the last 10 years.  Will you know how to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible to make sure that the house will not only be safe and comfortable to live in, but also to pass the requirements of the local inspector on the fewest number of tries?

3. Finally, do you have proper systems in place and the time to keep up with the constant flow of paperwork to do a proper credit dispute?  To get the best result from your credit dispute you must keep on top of many things at once and maintain that discipline over the course of the process.

Think of the credit dispute process like going on a diet.  First you do the research of what you should eat, when you should eat it and how the food should be prepared.  Next, you create a plan based on that research and through lots of trial and error, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, then you keep refining that plan until you have the best plan to give you the best shot at succeeding on your diet.  Then comes the most difficult part, sticking to that diet.  Do you have the time and discipline to make sure that you prepare your meals to the exacting plan every day, do you have the discipline to make sure that you don’t skip a meal or eat too much each and every time.  Most importantly do you have the willpower to keep up with the great plan until you achieve the results you want?  The credit dispute process is no different, with one exception, you can choose to have someone do the entire thing for you, for a very affordable amount.

So getting back to the question, “Credit Dispute – Go it alone, or get some help?”  Well, if you are prepared to put in the time to research what needs to be done, work through trial and error to develop the right strategies and tactics to make sure you get the best results in the shortest amount of time, and finally stay on top of the process day after day, making sure no deadline is missed, no stone is left unturned, then by all means going it alone may be a viable option?  However, turning over the responsibility and hard work to a organization of dedicated professionals who have been achieving outstanding results for a very reasonable and affordable fee may be the easiest and best option.

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