The YourCreditAttorney team believes that our clients should receive MORE THAN WHAT THEY PAY FOR. We are here to serve the noble purpose of enforcing the rights of our clients. We back this claim with a full refund policy.

Bottom line, if we don’t deliver you don’t pay.

amazing! by using your service my score increased 61 points in only 30 days. thank you, i would never have been able to do this.

Our refund policy entitles you to receive money back if enough disputed items are not deleted from your credit report.

After remaining a client with YourCreditAttorney for one year, if you are unsure about how successful we have been in enforcing your rights you can simply request an evaluation of your case. Along with your request for evaluation we require you to send us your current credit reports, from all three bureaus. Based on this data we will calculate the total value of all successfully deleted or improved items and compare this with the amount paid for our services. If what you have paid is greater than the value of deleted or improved items we will reimburse you the difference. But don’t worry, if we show you that the value of deleted or improved items is greater than what you have paid us, you will never be charged an additional amount.

To calculate the value of our services we multiply the number of items successfully improved or deleted from your credit report by $55. This is not an amount that you will be charged, it is simply the value we use to determine and make sure that you have received more than you paid for.

I was just able to refinance my 11% mortgage to a 5.5% mortgage so I thank you for that! This was my main goal when I signed up with you.


Total amount paid to YourCreditAttorney – (# of deletions or improvements x $55)=DIFFERENCE

If the DIFFERENCE is a positive number this is the amount that will be refunded to you.

If the DIFFERENCE is a negative number, congratulations, you have received services greater than what you paid for. But don’t worry you will never be charged for any additional amount.



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