The YourCreditAttorney team is committed to aggressively protecting and enforcing the legal rights of your most important asset, your credit. These rights have been granted by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS, because it recognizes the importance of your good credit.

It is the mission of YourCreditAttorney to ensure that only good, verifiable, factual information appears on your credit report, even if you have made a mistake.

No matter what type of negative and damaging information is on your credit report, whether bankruptcy, charge-offs, late payments or anything in between we will challenge it according to the law. We have developed the most effective and appropriate legal strategies to remove negative items from your credit report.

Simply put, YourCreditAttorney is the most important weapon you can use to blast away the negative information that is stopping you from achieving your financial dreams.

Let us be your advocate.

My credit score used to be around 560... but now I have a 706. So happy. Thank you again! - S.G., California

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How Much Does Your Bad Credit Cost You?

Having bad credit can cost you more than $130,000 in increased interest expense over someone with perfect credit on a 30 year mortgage of just $100,000.